Tutorial Of Spicy Romano Chicken Pasta Tasty

The Recipe For Making Spicy Romano Chicken Pasta.

Spicy Romano Chicken Pasta You can make Spicy Romano Chicken Pasta using 10 ingredients in 7 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Spicy Romano Chicken Pasta

  1. Add 1 box of Penne noodles.
  2. Add 2 of Chicken breasts.
  3. Mix 8 1/2 oz of Sun-dried tomatoes in oil.
  4. Add 2 clove of Garlic.
  5. Insert 1 can of Artichoke hearts.
  6. Prepare 1 pints of Half and half.
  7. Fill 5 oz of Romano cheese.
  8. Fill 3 oz of Mozzarella cheese.
  9. Prepare 1 of Red pepper flakes.
  10. Insert 1 of Basil.

Step By Step To Make Spicy Romano Chicken Pasta

  1. Cook and drain penne noodles.
  2. Pour sun-dried tomatoes into a pan over medium heat. Add garlic..
  3. Cut chicken into strips and add to pan. Cook until chicken is done..
  4. Add artichoke hearts to pan and cook for one minute..
  5. Add half & half, Romano cheese, and mozzarella cheese to pan. Stir thoroughly until cheese is melted, then cover until thickened, stirring occasionally..
  6. Add red pepper flakes and basil to sauce..
  7. Add noodles to your sauce and serve..

That's how to make Spicy Romano Chicken Pasta Recipe.